Don't dance tango like the way you live your life, live like you dance tango.

When we set out with the goal of this idea, we established the Tango Siempre Dance and Social Activity Association in 18th of February of 2012, in order to spread the passion of Argentine tango, which has cast the world and has considered one of the world inherited culture, in our island. With this purpose, people can socialize and live their life with positive and beautiful energy.

Our association became a small family that have touched the lives of everyone who joined us in a short time. As a team we have established and signed our name into many events successfully and proudly.

In addition to the small events, we organized 6 times world class CYPRUS TANGO CAMP events. Thus we contributed to the development of the island and emphasized the name of Cyprus worldwide. With these events, we brought together many world known champion dancers and very famous tango orchestras.

President of Association:

Raşit Türkeri

Management of Association:

Oya Kutsal
Serhat Müderris
Yasemin Müderris
Sona Ibrahimoğlu
Ayşegül Türkeri
Emine Yetkinel
Günsu Kaya
Emine Pehlivan
Ece Arca

Trainers of Association:

Raşit Türkeri
Ayşegül Türkeri
Ahmet Alasya
Emine Yetkinel

DJs of Association: